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Zaki Laidi
By Zaki Laidi - Sep 24,2017
Beyond his bizarre, intemperate tweeting, the challenge that US President Donald Trump poses for Europe is real, but not always easily defined.There are differences between what Trump says, what his administration does and what Congress makes him do.In fact, recently, Trump was g
By Zaki Laidi - Jul 09,2017
French President Emmanuel Macron invited Russian President Vladimir Putin to Paris as his first foreign guest, while US President Donald Trump will attend this year’s Bastille Day celebrations.By reaching out to two world leaders who made no secret of their hope that he would nev
By Zaki Laidi - Apr 19,2017
In a few weeks, France will elect its next president.Given the French executive’s considerable powers, including the authority to dissolve the National Assembly, the presidential election, held every five years, is France’s most important.But the stakes are higher than ever this
By Zaki Laidi - Apr 13,2014
When unexpected crises erupt, people tend to assume that nothing will ever be the same — exactly the conclusion that many Europeans have drawn in the aftermath of Russia’s annexation of Crimea.


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