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Walid M. Sadi
By Walid M. Sadi - Dec 16,2017
When all is said and done on President Donald Trump’s decisions to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and declare his intention to relocate his country’s embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, it is time to take sober stock of  Trump’s decisions and the Arab reaction
By Walid M. Sadi - Dec 09,2017
President Donald Trump's provocative speech last Wednesday had two ominous dimensions: One which recognised Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and the second signalled the eventual relocation of the US embassy from Tel Aviv, where it had resided in peace
By Walid M. Sadi - Dec 02,2017
It seems that Moscow had a plan when it intervened militarily in Syria more than two years ago based on a preconceived scenario suggesting that by tilting the military balance in favour of Damascus, it can dictate the terms of the peace formula for the country and secure its nava
By Walid M. Sadi - Nov 25,2017
Canada is a very large country, second only to Russia, but is sparsely populated.
By Walid M. Sadi - Nov 18,2017
The scene in Washington ever since President Donald Trump assumed office looks more and more like a soap opera and serial drama never ceases to take the US and the world at large by surprise.The latest episode is connected with former Trump’s campaign manager Paul Manafort and hi
By Walid M. Sadi - Nov 11,2017
Now that we know that the “new Amman” will be located east of Amman and Zarka, the anxiety about the whole idea has lessened.This would put the city in the proximity of the controversial site of the projected first nuclear plant if it, too, will ever see the light of day.This str
By Walid M. Sadi - Nov 04,2017
British Prime Minister Theresa May and her Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu chose to “celebrate” in London, on November 2, the centenary of the infamous “Balfour Declaration”, made in 1917 by the British government, which viewed with favour the establishment of a “nati
By Walid M. Sadi - Oct 28,2017
In an effort to reestablish bridges between Baghdad and Erbil, after the September 25 referendum in which some 90 per cent of the Kurdish population voted for separation of the Kurdish area, Iraq regained all territories in the north it had lost first to Daesh and then to the Kur
By Walid M. Sadi - Oct 21,2017
Judging by the recent events and developments on the Iraqi Kurdish front, it appears that the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), under the leadership of Massoud Barzani, may have bit more than it could chew after having lost the prize city of Kirkuk to the fast-advancing I
By Walid M. Sadi - Oct 14,2017
Catalan President Carles Puigdemont promised his people to declare independence for Catalonia last Tuesday, but faced with much internal and external pressures, he finally took a middle course: proclaimed independence before his regional parliament but stopped short of calli



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