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Noëlle Lenoir
By Noëlle Lenoir - Mar 18,2017
US President Donald Trump has shaken a trans-Atlantic alliance that had long seemed unshakable.In a January interview, he labelled NATO “obsolete” and the European Union a “vehicle for Germany”.The EU will soon collapse, he predicted, with a succession of countries following the
By Noëlle Lenoir - Mar 13,2016
The possibility that Britain may exit the European Union is undeniable.For decades, prominent British politicians have propounded their disdain for Europe; as a result, euroscepticism in the United Kingdom (UK) has become entrenched.When the country holds a referendum on its EU m
By Noëlle Lenoir - Mar 07,2016
In October 2015, a court case launched by Max Schrems, a 28-year-old Austrian privacy activist and graduate student at the University of Vienna, led to the annulment of the so-called Safe Harbour agreement that governs how United States firms comply with the European Union’s priv


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