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Jonathan Power
By Jonathan Power - May 18,2017
During the French presidential election, no candidate talked about France’s nuclear weapons.In Britain, the subject has been raised in its election in an attempt to undermine the Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn.But the long-time anti-bomb activist compromised his views, saying
By Jonathan Power - May 11,2017
Does anyone, however well-informed, know what President Donald Trump thinks about President Vladimir Putin?I hazard a guess that he is still more pro than anti, only he does not quite know where to begin.It is time overdue that they met and hammered out on the anvil what their mu
By Jonathan Power - May 04,2017
 Last May, a court in Senegal convicted Hissene Habre, the former ruler of Chad, and sentenced him to life imprisonment for torture and crimes against humanity.On Thursday last, an appeals court upheld the sentence and now Habre, who ran from Chad after a coup in a military
By Jonathan Power - Apr 27,2017
The result of the first round of the French presidential election has given the Euro-pessimists a knock over the head.About time too.The European Union is not going to face a break-up.
By Jonathan Power - Apr 20,2017
There are 29 states that have, at one time or another, set about becoming nuclear weapons powers, or explored the possibility.Most failed or drew back.
By Jonathan Power - Apr 13,2017
Are our governments economical with the truth, if not maliciously misleading?Do governments the world over lie?They do because there are always occasions when realpolitik appears to demand it.Most recently, many are arguing, we have seen an attempt to obfuscate the truth when Pre
By Jonathan Power - Apr 06,2017
The long talked-about referendum in Turkey will happen on April 16.
By Jonathan Power - Mar 30,2017
The Asian economies are picking up speed again. After the big hit from Wall Street when the bank Lehman Brothers collapsed in a heap in 2008, sending shock waves everywhere, a recovery is now in the works.How many child deaths in the Third World did these bankers cause?Anoth
By Jonathan Power - Mar 23,2017
Once again the media are presenting us with the images of the mother of all famines, stretching from the Yemen to Somalia, to Sudan and South Sudan, to the Central African Republic, to northern Nigeria.It is a bad famine, but there have been bad famines in the not so distant past
By Jonathan Power - Mar 16,2017
Rocket launches galore in North Korea. Colours and flames in the sky. It is all a bit like a peacock spreading his tail.Murders abound.



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