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Jeffrey D. Sachs
By Jeffrey D. Sachs - Nov 30,2017
Friends of Germany and Europe around the world have been breathing a sigh of relief at the newfound willingness of Germany’s Christian Democrats and Social Democrats (SPD) to discuss reprising their grand coalition government. The world needs a strong and forward-looking Ger
By Jeffrey D. Sachs - Sep 30,2017
Fifteen years after George W.
By Jeffrey D. Sachs - Aug 12,2017
The US is in the midst of a political meltdown, unable to manage a domestic economic agenda or a coherent foreign policy. The White House is in turmoil; Congress is paralysed; and the world is looking on in astonishment and dread.
By Jeffrey D. Sachs - Jul 26,2017
O Freunde, nicht diese Töne!
By Jeffrey D. Sachs - Jun 08,2017
President Donald Trump’s withdrawal of the United States from the Paris climate agreement is not just dangerous for the world; it is also sociopathic.Without remorse, Trump is willfully inflicting harm on others.The declaration by Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the United Nati
By Jeffrey D. Sachs - Jun 01,2017
US President Donald Trump’s ravings against the 2015 Paris climate agreement are partly a product of his ignorance and narcissism.
By Jeffrey D. Sachs - Apr 01,2017
Legend holds that King Canute brought his flatterers to the sea to show them that even a king could not command the ocean waves, that the laws of nature are more powerful than the decrees of men.So pity Donald Trump, who really believes that his executive orders can hold back the
By Jeffrey D. Sachs - Mar 02,2017
Never in recent history has a change of leadership attracted as much attention and speculation as Donald Trump’s rise to the US presidency.What this change signifies and what it portends requires unravelling three mysteries, because there are three versions of Trump.The first Tru
By Jeffrey D. Sachs - Feb 04,2017
The key political divide in the United States is not between parties or states; it is between generations.The millennial generation (those aged 18-35) voted heavily against Donald Trump and will form the backbone of resistance to his policies.Older Americans are divided, but Trum
By Jeffrey D. Sachs - Jan 15,2017
American foreign policy is at a crossroads. The United States has been an expanding power since its start in 1789.



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