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Fahed Fanek
By Fahed Fanek - Apr 23,2017
The economic reform programme agreed upon with the IMF was formulated during the first half of 2016 and is due to be implemented starting in the second half of the year.Therefore, 2017 is the first full year under reform.This year’s programme calls for economic growth rate to be
By Fahed Fanek - Apr 09,2017
There is an old but persisting question: Why does the world go forward, while we stay back?This is a basic question that few dare answer.
By Fahed Fanek - Apr 02,2017
The World Bank claimed in a recent report that one third of the Jordanian population may fall below the poverty line within a year.This unpleasant statement caused worry, even though there is nothing new about it.The statement calls attention to a possibility, but it does not nec
By Fahed Fanek - Mar 26,2017
The Department of Statistics has revealed that prices, measured by the cost of consumer basket of goods and services bought by the average Jordanian family, rose in February of this year by 4.56 per cent over the same month of last year.Statistics showed also that core inflation,
By Fahed Fanek - Mar 19,2017
When the Ministry of Finance submitted its draft budget for 2017 to Parliament, the final figures for 2016 were not ready yet.For comparison, the ministry used estimates for 2016 to judge the reasonableness of the new budget figures, comparing them to the estimated figures of the
By Fahed Fanek - Mar 12,2017
In his recent meeting to brief Al Rai newspaper journalists, Prime Minister Hani Mulki, referring to the state of the economy, assured that there is light at the end of the tunnel.That was, of course, an optimistic statement indicating that economic recovery is at hand, perhaps s
By Fahed Fanek - Mar 05,2017
Our officials and economists are used to account for public debt as one amount, irrespective of whether it is local debt, denominated in Jordanian dinars, or external debt, denominated in foreign currency.Strangely enough, IMF experts also dealt with Jordan’s public debt as one b
By Fahed Fanek - Feb 26,2017
Sixteen years after the establishment of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone (ASEZ), it is high time to examine the economics of this grand and costly project that promised much, but failed to deliver.As a starting point, it is important to point out the fact that all the revenues co
By Fahed Fanek - Feb 19,2017
Nothing in the government’s plans for 2016 or in economic reform programme agreed upon with the IMF said that Jordan’s public debt, in absolute figures, must be reduced in 2016.As a matter of fact, the programme is dealing with debt not in absolute figures, but as a percentage of
By Fahed Fanek - Feb 12,2017
At this time, when external grants receivable by the Treasury, whether Arab or foreign, are on the decline, Jordan may have no choice but to adopt a policy of financial self-sufficiency, accompanied by all the suffering that may go with such an adjustment.Self-sufficiency is nice



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