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By Editorial - Mar 29,2017
His Majesty King Abdullah opened the 28th Arab summit yesterday calling on the Arab nation to “seek shared solutions to our shared problems” and expressing hope that the meeting will launch a new phase of joint Arab action.The King outlined the major issues facing the Arab world
By Editorial - Mar 28,2017
The meeting between His Majesty King Abdullah and His Majesty King Salman of Saudi Arabia in Amman just two days before the Arab summit convenes at the Dead Sea was not only timely but also gives today’s summit an additional impetus and a sense of direction.The historical re
By Editorial - Mar 27,2017
The Arab Summit Preparatory Committee has suggested 10 draft resolutions on inter-Arab trade, customs duties, status of women in the Arab world and other economic and social issues for the Arab heads of states to reflect on and adopt in due course.Also proposed are projects
By Editorial - Mar 26,2017
The Barcelona Centre for International Affairs recently released the results of a survey it conducted for the European Commission on 10,000 people in Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia and Lebanon, which found a deep sense of “frustration and social exclusion”, among 
By Editorial - Mar 25,2017
The cost of medical care provided to Syrian refugees by government hospitals and clinics reaches JD271 annually, putting a burden on the already stretched public health sector.According to a Ministry of Health official, treating Syrians has cost the Kingdom over JD1.5 billion sin
By Editorial - Mar 23,2017
The date for the Arab summit, to be held in Amman, is fast approaching, and many are hoping that the Palestinian problem will take centre stage in the deliberations of the Arab heads of state.It is no secret that Jordan is seeking to bring the spotlight back on the Israeli-P
By Editorial - Mar 22,2017
The Court of Cassation Tuesday set a landmark legal precedent by stiffening the sentence against two men who had murdered their sister in the name of “family honour”. The two brothers had been sentenced by the criminal court to prison terms ranging from seven-and-half to ten
By Editorial - Mar 21,2017
The US delegation to the United Nations Human Rights Council boycotted this body’s deliberations in Geneva on Monday because on its agenda were discussions about Israel and Palestine.The US boycott was decided before the council opened up the deliberations on the Israeli practice
By Editorial - Mar 20,2017
At the end of a recently concluded five-day visit to Jordan, the IMF country team acknowledged that the difficult regional circumstances weigh heavily on the country’s economy and, from the look of things, are going to push further down growth rates.The team’s visit was intended
By Editorial - Mar 19,2017
The finance ministers of the world’s major economies, the G-20, ended their meeting in Germany on Saturday rolling back their long-standing commitment to fight protectionism and support international efforts to control climate change.Their annual meeting closed with no



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