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Ali Kassay
By Ali Kassay - Nov 12,2017
Recently, when my wife needed to clear some official paperwork, she made the usual preparations for a day with officialdom: a nerve relaxant before, anti-depressants to be taken afterwards and a sense of resignation to the waste of a day collecting signatures and rubber stamps fo
By Ali Kassay - Nov 06,2017
It is always fascinating to follow changing world trends, particularly in politics.Half a century ago, independence was the buzzword of the day, as old empires disintegrated giving birth to new nations.Emergent countries in Asia or Africa sought to undermine one another by exchan
By Ali Kassay - Oct 29,2017
Last week, a situation arose that might have made good material for a comedy if it were not real and tragic.The World Health Organisation (WHO) selected a head of state (immaterial who it was because it is not an isolated case) to be its ambassador of goodwill in recognition of h
By Ali Kassay - Oct 22,2017
One of the most poignant books I have read was “Turn My Head to the Caucasus”, the biography of Osman Ferid Pasha, an ethnic Ubykh who took his family to Istanbul to escape the Russian genocide of Caucasians in the 18th and 19th centuries. He distinguished himself in the Ott
By Ali Kassay - Oct 15,2017
The corporate world can sometimes be more fascinating to observe than the world of politics, with surprises cropping up at every juncture.
By Ali Kassay - Oct 08,2017
Sixty years ago, the term whistle blower referred to umpires who blew their whistle excessively to indicate foul play.
By Ali Kassay - Oct 01,2017
One of my late mother’s dearest wishes was to learn to drive a car, but that hope remained unfulfilled because my father absolutely forbade it.I do not judge him too harshly for this attitude because, after all, he was born in 1904.
By Ali Kassay - Sep 24,2017
Years ago, when I was a student in Paris, I committed a faux pas in a conversation with a colleague from Bilbao, by referring to her as Spanish.She immediately retorted sharply: “I am not Spanish, I am Basque.”From then on, I avoided embarrassment with my Catalan colleagues by di
By Ali Kassay - Sep 18,2017
When Japan’s Foreign Minister Taro Kono came to Amman earlier this month, he could hardly have imagined the controversy that would surround his goodwill visit, which was intended to emphasise Japan’s strong support for Jordan and the continuation of its considerable economic aid
By Ali Kassay - Sep 10,2017
One of the highlights of my morning on September 4, the day after the week without newspapers, the Eid holiday, was to reach for my Jordan Times.My attention was immediately captured by the headline “Addressing campus violence remains unfinished business as debate goes on” atop a



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