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Ali Kassay
By Ali Kassay - Apr 22,2018
One of the pleasures I discovered while living in Europe is that of travelling by train. Trains are wonderful.
By Ali Kassay - Apr 15,2018
Recently, I had the oportunity to hear a Jordanian speaker talk of the reforms currently underway in Saudi Arabia.
By Ali Kassay - Apr 09,2018
Anyone who follows politics, as I do, must be fascinated by the elections that take place all over, how they are conducted, and how people react to their results.Before, the information revolution elections in foreign countries used to receive barely a mention in news bulletins.
By Ali Kassay - Apr 01,2018
Some time ago, a Jordanian was asked why Jordanians are such terrible drivers. Now, before anyone jumps to dismiss him as unpatriotic, I hasten to mention that he is of impeccable tribal pedigree and has held many important government positions.
By Ali Kassay - Mar 18,2018
Stephen Hawking, who passed away last week, was remarkable not only for his achievements in science, but also for his belief that science can lift people out of ignorance, poverty and cure disease.One example that supports this view is the plight of millions of people everywhere
By Ali Kassay - Mar 11,2018
When my better half and I came to sign our marriage certificate, I wanted to include in it a clause giving her equal right of divorce, which women do not have in Sharia courts.
By Ali Kassay - Mar 04,2018
A lawyer mentioned in conversation recently that the number of Jordanian lawyers who know another language well enough to be able to, not necessarily draft a contract, but understand one in that language is about 250.
By Ali Kassay - Feb 26,2018
The years I spent studying in Paris were a valuable learning experience in more ways than one. I stayed at halls of residence that housed many Arab graduate students, so naturally we got together and had political discussions, as students abroad tend to.
By Ali Kassay - Feb 18,2018
It is not every day that one finds happy and inspiring news from the Middle East, but today I take this rare opportunity to add my voice to those who rightfully applaud Lebanese Judge Joceline Matta — Arabic for Mathew — for setting a very important legal precedent in contemporar
By Ali Kassay - Feb 11,2018
In his autobiography ‘The Moon’s a Balloon’, actor David Niven paraphrased a Chinese proverb that when the lawns are manicured, the hedges trimmed and the garden is in full bloom, a weed raises its head.



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