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The right thing to do

Aug 19,2017 - Last updated at Aug 19,2017

Hamas, the ruling authority in Gaza Strip, had a choice between turning the small swathe of Palestinian territory into a Hong Kong or Monaco kind of area, or make it a launching pad for the liberation of Palestine.

The Hamas leadership chose the latter.

As a result of Israel’s suffocating blockade on this small and isolated Palestinian territory aimed at suppressing Hamas’ bid to end the Israeli occupation, the people on the strip have endured untold economic, social and political hardships over the past years.

Hamas took upon itself a huge task and burden on behalf of the Palestinian people, and set for itself high objectives despite its limited resources and the continued Israeli siege.

On its own, the movement cannot expect to win the battle with Israel and end its colonisation of the West Bank, yet its leadership opted to do just that, without the cooperation and support of the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank, where the bulk of Palestinian resources and manpower are concentrated.

Without forging a united front with the Palestinian leadership in the West Bank, the suffering of the people of Gaza will be in vain.

Which Palestinian leadership is right or wrong is no longer the issue. The real issue is whether the high price paid by the people in Gaza is worth paying and has a redeeming result.

For how long can the Gazans survive the hardships imposed on them by Israel?

This is a question the Hamas leadership must deal with to the satisfaction of the people on the coastal strip.

For how long can the leadership in Gaza sustain its current course and continue to put the onus for the liberation of the occupied territories on the Gaza people?

This cannot continue.

Common Palestinian efforts are absolutely necessary for the restoration of Palestinian rights and the establishment of their independent state on Palestinian soil with East Jerusalem as its capital.


Uniting for this goal would be the most honourable and responsible thing to do.

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