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An enlightening overview

Sep 14,2017 - Last updated at Sep 14,2017

In an interview with Jordan News Agency, Petra, Wednesday, His Majesty King Abdullah outlined the major achievements and challenges the Kingdom has been facing, stressing the need for the country to work hard to support itself and not to rely on outside help.

The King highlighted the ongoing legislative and economic reforms, whose aim is to build a resilient and strong economy as a way to overcome the challenges and to face the difficult regional conditions “that are beyond our control”, to secure growth rates capable of providing a decent life for citizens and to ensure fiscal and monetary stability, which will also result in greater investor confidence and much-needed investment.

While highlighting the importance of reforms, the King also stressed that they must not affect the middle and lower class.

The middle class, the Monarch said, should “represent the widest segment in our society, providing a pillar of stability and a driving force for productivity, innovation and excellence”.

To widen the middle-class base, the government endorsed the Jordan Economic Growth Plan (2018-2022), that will put Jordan on the track to sustainable development and help it achieve a resilient and strong economy.

The plan is accompanied by the financial reforms implemented “based on controlling current expenditure; combating tax evasion, and gradually reducing our reliance on assistance by expanding economic, investment and development opportunities, and creating enough jobs for our youth”.

Jordan has made great strides in its democratic march. The recent municipal and governorate council elections, that lead to decentralisation, will give local administrations greater power and lead to “adopting a democratic approach based on bolstering citizens’ engagement in setting development, service and investment priorities and needs in their areas”, which “will contribute to a fairer distribution of resources among the governorates and will help shape local priorities to reflect positively on socioeconomic development”, said King Abdullah.

The wide-ranging interview, a must read, gave a thorough overview of Jordan’s political, economic and juridical situation, as well as of its stand on regional issues, which greatly affect the Kingdom.

Much has been achieved, much is still to be done. But as long as the country is on the right track, and it is, the outcome can only be positive.

Hopefully the regional situation will improve, and with it the economic situation of the country, dependent on the neighbouring markets.

Jordan has been an element of stability in a volatile region. It has opened its doors large to wave after wave of refugees, accepting them and the economic burden accompanying them. Yet, all this time, the country has remained an oasis of peace and safety, due to its wise leadership and, in no small measure, to the maturity of its people.


Hopefully the reforms started will reach fruition and reflect positively on the deserving population.

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