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Back to work

Sep 04,2017 - Last updated at Sep 04,2017

Eid Al Adha is over, schools have started, work is resuming and summer is soon saying good bye, as will the expatriates whose holidays in the country among families and friends are coming to an end.

The start of schools and universities means big traffic in the mornings and afternoons, road congestions anew — summer did not offer a respite; if anything, it tested the nerves of drivers to the very extreme — and, hopefully, a new approach on the part of the traffic department.

Laws will need to be enforced — maybe fewer people will check their Facebook accounts while driving, maybe they will be made to respect the right of way, maybe they will litter less while driving — at all levels.

At a different level, Parliament will have several key issues to tackle and catch up with the backlog of unfinished business that still awaits consideration, including all aspects of discrimination against women.

The Syrian conflict is entering a new phase and so is the Iraqi situation.

The opening of the border with Iraq should create a new momentum for trade between the two countries. The border with Syria can be also expected to reopen now that the Syrian army has been deployed along it. 

Jordanian exports, especially of fruit and vegetables, will thus be facilitated, which, in turn, will help the country’s economy after years of slump.

Politically, His Majesty King Abdullah concluded a series of official visits to important capitals over the past few months, which enhanced the profile of the country and made its regional stand and pivotal role in dealing with regional issues, foremost among them with the plight of the Palestinians, known.

Autumn, with its abundance of produce, rusty colours and a sense of business to be finished is here.


Much is to be done in the upcoming few months. The people, and the government, should be ready to deal with the work, and challenges, ahead.

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